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Introduction to GAET
This project demonstrates graphically the main functioning of encryption and decryption using a public-private key pair.

We have created a Java application with graphical interface which enables encryption and decryption of files by using public and private keys in tandem and explains the methodology of asymmetric encryption.

Public Key Ring: We have incorporated a key ring concept which enables a user to choose from list of public keys for using in a type of encryption. The Key Ring helps organize the different public keys that we receive from different people. A key ring maintains multiple public keys so that the user can instantly select particular public key whenever needed.

Compression: We have also enabled compression for saving valuable disk space. The application uses compression techniques so that we can effectively manage the disk space.

Password based authentication for private keys: It is not recommended to keep the private keys available for others. For better security, we need to provide password protection for the private keys so that only the owner of the private key can access and use it.

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