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Graphical Asymmetric Encryption Tool

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Released: Apr 19, 2010
Updated: Apr 19, 2010 by TarunDhawan
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Release Notes

User Interface
The GAET User Interface is a window with five buttons. Each button is explained the following sections. Each button has a functionality that enables an end user to encrypt and decrypt any file using asymmetric encryption.

In the next 5 units we will see the practical steps. Let us assume you would like to receive encrypted files from your friend

1.1 Generation of Public/Private Keys

Step 1: Generate your Key Pair: Once the Software is launched, you get to see the User Interface window with 5 Buttons and a check box. By clicking on the “GENERATE KEYS” Button, you generate a pair of keys - a public key and a private key.

One needs to give a name to the key: The public key is stored as “<filename>.gpub” and the private key is “<filename>.gpri”. The location of the file for Windows is “My Documents” of the profile. For Linux and other OS the default file storage location will be prompted.

The public key does not have any password associated to it, as once is supposed to share it with another person to use for encryption. The private key however is protected by a password to make it more secure. So when one generates a key pair, one needs to enter a password for each pair.

One can generate any number of keys for different files, or use the same key for encrypting multiple files. It is based on user discretion to choose to generate one or more keys.

1.2 Loading of Public Keys

Step 2: Share your Public Key (PK): Once you generate the public key – private key pair, you must send your public key to Guang through email or any other means of communication. You should not share your private key with anybody. As mentioned before, you would like to receive encrypted files from your friend Guang.

Step 3: Load the public key: Once Guang receives the public key, he needs to load it on to the “key ring” by clicking on the second button “LOAD PUBLIC KEY” of the User Interface.

Guang can do that by clicking on the “LOAD PUBLIC KEY” button, followed by “ADD KEY” and then selecting the key from the saved location. Then Guang needs to click on the “LOAD KEY” button to load the key onto the key ring. Once the public key is loaded then Guang can start encrypting the file.

1.3 Encryption of a file

Step 4: Encrypt using other's PK: Guang needs to click on “ENCRYPT FILE” button, and select a file for encryption from the default location from the hard drive. The browse window will display all the non *.enc files to be encrypted.

The option “COMPRESS BEFORE ENCRYTION” can be used if you need to compress a file before encrypting the file.

Step 5: Send File back: Guang using your public key to encrypt a file and then sends it to you for decryption. So now the encrypted file is ready for decryption in your system.

1.4 Loading of Private Key

Step 6: Load the private key: Once you receive the encrypted file from Guang, you need to load the corresponding private key to the application for it to successfully decrypt the encrypted file. For that you need to load the private key by pressing “LOAD PRIVATE KEY” and then after selecting the private key file (*.gpri) you need to enter the corresponding password to authenticate the private key.

The <filename>.gpri file would be stored on the default location, or on a particular location where you have saved it. This private key is password protected and therefore secure.

1.5 Decryption of a file

Step 7: Decrypt Using Own Private Key: After receiving the encrypted file from Guang, you decrypt it using your own private key. As you are the only person who has the private key and know the private key password, no one else can decrypt the file.

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